Retreat: Inspired Homes and Ways of Living | Lucy Glade-Wright Retreat Book

From the bush to the beach and mountain ranges in between, Retreat: Inspired Homes and Ways of Living showcases 24 unique homes far from the city limits. No longer reserved for travellers and retirees, the great escape is a dream realised by many busy professionals who crave more space and a slower pace while maintaining their careers. Aside from the uniqueness of the homes, including a Balinese villa, a ski ranch in the Sonoran Desert and a converted bus called Gloria, Retreat also delves into how the owners’ lifestyles have changed.

What compels someone to pursue a tree-change is at the heart of this book and design expert Lucy Glade-Wright, who swapped her city life for a cabin in an idyllic Victorian coastal town, is the perfect guide. Featuring Q&As with the homeowners, Lucy’s inspirational styling ideas that can be replicated at home, and stunning photography, Retreat proves greener pastures take various forms and that creating a happier balance might be closer than you think.



About the Author: Lucy Glade-Wright is one of Australia’s most recognisable faces in Australian home and interior design. After graduating from communication design with honours at RMIT, Lucy worked as a designer in Melbourne and London for eleven years where she developed her passion for art direction and storytelling. In 2010, Lucy co-founded Hunting for George where she began to focus on interior design and content creation for the brand. Lucy is now best known as a presenter and designer, responsible for creating entertaining and inspiring content for the Hunting for George audience. Her YouTube videos are appreciated by millions worldwide thanks to her unique take on architecture, homes, design and style.